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Scrapbooking is becoming more popular then ever these days and we hope to provide you with great scrapbook ideas and scrapbooking tips!
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Scrapbooking lets you leave something behind for other people to see. It's in a way like story-telling, except it isn't told but read. It can contain anything that is printed, pictures, tickets, handwritten phrases, etc
It's a great way to preserve personal and family history.

Modern-day scrapbooking involving pictures has been going on since pictures first came up in the world.
They were binded books with pictures mounted in them and often included notes, who was in the picture, what date is was etc. They also included newspaper clippings and other things worth remembering.

Today Scrapbooks have become an attractive display for your pictures as well as a way of keeping a journal.

It's a perfect gift to give to your friends or family because it comes straight from the heart.

And you've come to the right place to learn about scrapbooking, because we will be talking about scrapbooking supplies, what paper is best for scrapbooking etc. Some scrapbooking techniques and ideas.

And I'll even share a story on how addicting scrapbooking can really be!
Have fun!

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